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Medical Records Optional

Medical Records Optional

NO Medical Records Needed At Time Of Your Appointment With Our Low Doc Express Approval Program*

*Gather all necessary medical records to bring to your appointment. If you do not have medical records, we can help you establish the necessary medical history for certain medical conditions. Medical records are not required at the time of your appointment, but you must bring in a list of your Doctors and we can help you obtain them. 

Do I need a physician to apply to the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program?

Yes, you need a physician licensed in the state of Nevada to recommend you for the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program and to sign off on your application. The Nevada State Health Division does not make any medical assessments with regard to your application: Only a physician makes the determination whether you suffer from a disease protected under the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program. DrReefer has licensed physicians.

DrReefer is not a dispensary. We do not advise anyone on how to obtain or produce medical marijuana. We only help legal residents of Nevada (with a valid Nevada ID/Driver License as proof of residency) apply for the Nevada medical marijuana program.

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